Ashanti Monts-Tréviska

Ashanti Monts-Tréviska

For City Council

Bellingham needs to be a transformative city, not a progressive city.
A step forward to liberation.
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From top to bottom: On dark blue background, “People & Planet before Profits (in small sized light purple font)”. “Together, Let’s Meet the Needs of the Communities (in medium sized light orange font)”.

On the left side: a photo image of a womxn of Afro-Cuban and Indigenous descent with glasses wearing earth tone red long scarf and dark & black cape jacket is holding the hands together while standing in front of earth toned brick wall.

On the right side: “I Am With You (in large sized white capitalized font)” with dark red orange thick underline.

Campaign logo: purple tree with brown mountains in the background with blue waves circled around it. “Ashanti Monts-Tréviska (in white IM Fell font)” with “for City Council” underneath the name (in light blue font). A white long line is placed under the campaign name.

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